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How To AirDrop from iPhone 11 to Mac - macOS Big Sur

AirDrop is a service that Apple added to Mac and iOS devices to share files since iOS 7 and Mac OS X lion (10/7). By using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, AirDrop enables you to transfer files from your iPhone 11/11 Pro to a Mac in a wireless way. This post tells you how to use AirDrop to transfer files from iPhone 11 to Mac running macOS Big Sur and shows you some common problems you may meet when using AirDrop.

How To AirDrop from iPhone 11 to macOS Big Sur
How To AirDrop from iPhone 11 to macOS Big Sur

Common iOS 14/macOS Big Sur AirDrop Problems You May Meet

There are some problems that you may meet when you AirDrop from iPhone to MacBook, including AirDrop not showing up in Control Center, can’t AirDrop music and so on.

AirDrop not showing up in Control Center.

Some iPhone/iPad users reported that they couldn’t find AirDrop in Control center. Actually, it’s just a common issue that can be easily fixed. Just got to Settings app and find Restrictions item to allow AirDrop service running on your iPhone. In iOS 14, you can find the Restrictions by Settings > General > Restrictions.

Can’t AirDrop Music.

This is one problem that you cannot solve because Apple doesn’t allow you to share music directly from iPhone to another place via AirDrop. The file types that you can share are limited actually.

How To AirDrop Files from iPhone to macOS Big Sur

Normally, it’s pretty simple to share files from iPhone to MacBook after turning on AirDrop on both of your iPhone and Mac. AirDrop would be automatically turned on if you have turned on your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on your iPhone. If not, you can directly go to Control Center and tap AirDrop icon to run this service. And after, it requires you to chose a way to be discoverable by others.

On your iPhone 11/11 Pro, you can usually find a Share button on the screen after tapping the file you’d like to share, such as photo and video. Just click the Share button, you can choose any contact on the AirDrop list to share your file.

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