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How To Add Photos To iTunes and Sync to iPhone 11/11 Pro

Apple iTunes is not only a music player on computer (now exclusively on Windows PC), but also a tool that you can use to sync data to your iPhone, iPad or iPod from computer. However, its sync feature seems not easy to use especially for new iTunes users. So in this post, for users who want to add photos to iTunes for syncing to new iPhone 11/11 Pro, we give some tips.

How to Add Photos from iTunes to iPhone 11/11 Pro

  • Step 1. Connect your iPhone to computer using data cable and run iTunes.

  • Step 2. Click Device icon > Select "Photos" under "Settings" > Check "Sync Photos" > Select where you want to add photos from > Choose whether to move all folders/albums or only the selected ones to your device > Click "Apply".

Besides using iTunes alternatives, you can try some other methods to fix your problem of "can't add photos to iTunes". For example, you can update iTunes to be the latest version, or change another USB data cable. If you have some better ideas to upload photos to iTunes for syncing, be free to share them on the comment section.

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